Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28


We are a fellowship of Christians in Kilkenny who love Jesus Christ and want to help you find real life in Him. 
Join with us as we meet to worship together on Sunday at 11.30am. 

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Kilkenny Presbyterian Church.


Love Both

Real Humans (by Jonathan Shaw) 

Shocked to hear of real humans
scattered in unmarked graves
in the grounds of mother and baby homes
in Galway. 

Prison to one, death sentence to the other
but home to neither
baby nor mother. 

Scandal echoed around the globe:
“Real humans denied their rightful home.”
Names, sex and age erased –
real humans reduced to waste.
Devalued for the sins of their fathers. 

The vulnerably aged we failed to protect – misconceived in hapless circumstance.
Real humans, unwelcome, now valueless. 

A cruelty we must never repeat
on real humans.

Shocked to hear we might soon approve
a further disposal
of real humans
in Ireland. 

No mass graves but mass cremations.
Clinical waste incinerated
in the grounds of mother and baby care. 


Records kept but lives lost –
real humans reduced to naught.
Devalued for the sins of their fathers. 

Names, sex and age erased –
real humans reduced to waste.
The vulnerably aged being failed again –
hapless circumstance is the refrain. 

Scandal silenced – the people’s voice
declaring our democratic choice.

Before the cruelty we repeat
let us consider at very least
that all terminations end the lives
of real humans. 

Please, Love Both


Parents & Toddlers

You  are welcome to our Parents & Toddlers Group that meets on Tuesday mornings during school term times  from 10:30am - 12:00pm. This is a friendly, fun time for all.

2018-2019 year recommences on Tuesday 11th September at 10:30am

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Parents & Toddlers


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Youth @KPC

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